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About Me

Hi. I'm Emily and I have a passion for harness racing - and taking photos of harness racing, horses, and just about anything else!

When my husband first came home a few years ago and said he was joining a syndicate I said "Sure. Whatever". At the time I had other interests. As a runner and fitness fanatic the majority of my time was spent training for and completing half marathons, which didn't leave time for much else. Then I got injured and couldn't run any more. So I started actually going to race meetings. And I soon became addicted. We are now members of 4 syndicates that have 23 horses between them!

In January 2015 I was looking for a new hobby. My parents happened to be visiting and my dad was really into photography. I'd taken a couple of photography courses in college (think NCEA level) and loved it. But back then it was still film based and too expensive for a university student. But digital cameras have changed all of that. So I bought a digital camera, joined a camera club and started taking photos. Then I bought a newer, better camera and started taking more photos! My favourite things to take photos of are definitely the horses. I love trying to convey the movement, noise and excitement that comes with racing and the sheer beauty and majesty of these wonderful animals.

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